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Click  HERE  to contact me or email me directly at coremarketingcontact@gmail.com. 

Internet & Social Media Marketing For Your Business


Who am I?:   My name is Brandon and i founded Core Marketing in 2017 because i saw that Facebook, Instagram and all of social media was being taken over by Advertisements and Offers from all different companies and businesses.

How I can help:       Most Small Business owners do not have the time to create ads, post daily and respond to their customers across all their social media platforms, but a Media Agency such as Core Marketing takes care of all of that and more. I am passionate about helping businesses continue on their road toward their goals and remaining their own boss. Social Media is a key element to staying in contact with your current and new customers and i want to help you bridge that gap.

What I Do:    From Core Marketing you will receive weekly updates and periodic visits to your location to check on business, Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram Ads, Email Marketing, photo capture of products or menu items, Posts and responses to social media comments and reviews and more. I will create a custom proposal for your business with prices and package perks and include a social media audit to outline where and how improvements will be made and discuss any questions you may have about my services.

How to start:         Feel free to email or call me at anytime to discuss any questions you have and schedule a day to go over your custom proposal and audit.

Thank You for your time and i hope to hear from you soon.  


                                                                                 -       Brandon Hernandez

                                                                         CEO and Founder, Core Marketing


Click  HERE  to contact me or email me directly at coremarketingcontact@gmail.com.