Social Media Ads

Chances are you've seen a Facebook Ad before, usually a picture or video with information about the company and they want you to click and learn more about their company or buy something now. Well most people dont know how to run an add like that and make it effective and useful for their business. COre Marketing does this for you. 

Email Marketing

You may have a newsletter, you may even have a link to it on your site, but you need new customers to know about your offers, coupons, discounts and anything that changes in your business. Core Markeitng will help you come up with offers and giveaways in order to capture emails of new customers and stay in contact with the ones you already have. 

Web design

You may have a website, but is it mobile optimized? Updated to all your current info? and consistently added to? Core Marketing will build you a new site if needed, take over the payment of running it and update it and drive customers to it so they can know about you and find your social media platforms. 


There are of course more services that we provide based on the businesses needs. We look at the business and evaluate what it needs and doesn't need and what we can do to help. When you get your custom quote you will see some of these features and sometimes even more. If you wanna see what your free custom proposal looks like CLICK HERE